Connected Experiences

No Mimes Media is a passionate team of designers, writers, producers, strategists and technologists who create & produce groundbreaking stories and experiences.

Our award-winning work uses multiple platforms and channels, all tailored to serve the project's creative and business goals.

We create immersive campaigns, live events, mobile adventures, branded entertainment, compelling content, interactive stories, social and second screen strategies for studios, networks, agencies and brands.

We develop our own IP, content and platforms all connected by story. We also work with IP owners, providing best practices for franchise world-building and cross-platform storytelling.

We're based in Los Angeles with friends and resources around the globe.

Connected Experiences

We are lucky to have some of the best and brightest minds in multi-platform storytelling:

  • Steve Peters

    Steve Peters

    Founder / CCO
  • Karen Lavender

    Karen Lavender

    Executive Producer
  • Behnam Karbassi

    Behnam Karbassi

    Founder / President / CEO
  • Maureen McHugh

    Maureen McHugh

    Founder / Content Strategist
  • Jan Libby

    Jan Libby

    Head of Experience Design
  • Justin Reynard

    Justin Reynard

    Head of Technology



An Emmy®-winning experience designer, Steve began his career as a roller coaster operator, which probably explains a lot. A pioneering force in Alternate Reality Games and Transmedia Entertainment, he has worked on some of the biggest and most innovative interactive experiences to date.

In addition to founding No Mimes Media, Steve was VP of Experience Design at Fourth Wall Studios, where he worked on projects like the interactive web series Dirty Work and 6 Minutes to Midnight (for the feature film Watchmen). Prior to that, he worked at 42 Entertainment on projects including "Why So Serious?" (for the feature film The Dark Knight) for which he was Experience Designer.

Steve founded the Alternate Reality Gaming Network in 2002, has guest lectured at schools including USC, Georgia Tech and Cal Arts, spoken at media conferences around the world, and projects he's worked on have won multiple awards including an Emmy®, Cannes Lions Grand Prix Awards, SXSW Web Awards, One Show Entertainment Awards and Webby Awards.




With over 17 years of marketing, event and entertainment experience, Behnam has produced innovative projects for top companies like Toyota, Warner Brothers and Sony. His interest in all things interactive began back in 1997, when he worked with up-and-coming record companies to produce one of the world's first weekly live DJ webcasting shows.

He then led teams at top ad agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi, developing interactive and brand teams, as well as spearheading several emerging technology industry firsts for multi-million dollar brands. His love of filmmaking drove him to establish a production company creating award-winning short films and content for major clients, even earning a No. 1 ranking on YouTube.

As Vice President of Production at Emmy®-award winning Fourth Wall Studios, he developed ground-breaking projects on new storytelling platforms, overseeing producers and physical production. There he produced original content pieces, mobile apps, websites and digital media.

This led to establishing his firm, No Mimes Media, which quickly became one of the leading transmedia companies in the world.

Behnam has spoken at conferences around the world on producing next generation entertainment. He is also an award-winning director of films, music videos, commercials and transmedia pieces.




Jan Libby jumped into the world of Multi-platform Storytelling back in 2006 with her popular indie Alternate Reality Games – Sammeeeees (I & II). The following year she was Writer and Transmedia Designer for LG15 Studios (on the hit Lonelygirl15 Series seasons 1 & 2). Jan then developed a transmedia television project with Kiefer Sutherland's East Side Entertainment and partnered on Book 3 of Eldritch Errors with Brian Clark & GMD Studios.

Jan continues to balance her innovative work as an Experience Designer and Multi-platform Storyteller for Brands and Media Companies with her ground-breaking Indie Projects. Levi's, Toyota's Scion, Coke, 20th Century Fox, Discovery, Target, ABCFamily, Ford and FOX Broadcasting are just some of the Brands on her resume.

Her most recent indie work includes last summer's "Experiment America" at Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art and her upcoming Snow Town I-Fi.




Justin Reynard comes from the video game industry, where he worked on Fallout: New Vegas, Alpha Protocol and Neverwinter Nights 2. He was nominated for a BAFTA award in 2011 for his work on Fallout: New Vegas. He was one of the lead engineers on the Rides.tv platform at Emmy®-winning Fourth Wall Studios.

He has experience developing interactive platforms and campaigns for brands such as Arrested Development, Danny Devito's The Blood Factory and Charlie Rose among others.

He's actively involved in the Los Angeles startup and technology scene and spends his spare time reverse engineering Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG's) and developing games for Apple's iPhone.




Karen Lavender's film career started in South Africa when she produced a documentary about the famous, controversial choreographer Robin Orlin. She worked in television post-production and on Shaka Zulu – one of the largest international productions ever filmed in South Africa.

She went on to maintain a successful career in event production, supervising over 500 events in numerous countries, ranging from seminars and benefits to music concerts.

Since then she has directed and produced numerous award-winning independent films, TV commercials and interactive/transmedia projects working with executive producers Deepak Nayar (Bend It Like Beckham), Conrad Riggs (Survivor, Apprentice) and Robert Lawrence (Clueless). Clients include the Discovery, BET, and GAC networks, and brands such as Cisco, Scion, LA Phil Orchestra, PepsiCo, Target and the U.S. Military.




Maureen McHugh (founder, writer, content strategist) has worked with some of the most innovative companies in the digital space. She was a writer at 42 Entertainment on projects like ilovebees (Halo 2) and Year Zero (Nine Inch Nails). She was a writer and content strategist at Emmy-winning Fourth Wall Studios creating multiscreen original content and branded content for clients like The Discovery Channel. She teaches Interactive Storytelling at University of Southern California. She's a novelist and short story writer and her latest collection of stories, After The Apocalypse (2011) was one of Publisher's Weekly's 10 best books of 2011.


Here are a few happy customers of No Mimes Media or the individual principals of No Mimes Media:

  • Google
  • FOX
  • Cisco
  • Lionsgate
  • NBC
  • Ford
  • Coke
  • Imangi Studios
  • Levi's
  • Target
  • USC
  • Intel
  • Discovery
  • GE
  • ABC
  • Scion
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Psyop
  • Greenlight
  • Juxt

Members of the No Mimes Media team have won some of the most prestigious awards in the entertainment and media industries including:

Primetime Emmy® Award

Primetime Emmy® Award

One Show Entertainment Awards

One Show Entertainment Awards



Streamy Awards

Streamy Awards Nominee

BAFTA Award Nominee

BAFTA Award Nominee

Hugo Awards

Hugo Awards

  • Much of the video, audio and still image content of our connected experiences has been produced by our friends at: LiveTribe Productions