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Christy Dena’s Transmedia PhD is online

Tweet Let’s study, with objectivity and curiosity, the mutation phenomenon of forms and values in the current world. Let’s be conscious of the fact that although tomorrow’s world does not have any chance to become more fair than any other, it owns a chance that is linked to the destiny of the current art […] […]

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Niche or Mass Entertainment?

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Tweet I get on a fair number of airplanes. (I hate it. Carbon footprint the size of Rhode Island, and growing.) Most of the time, we all observe the etiquette of plane flight, which is that each person is enclosed in their own private bubble of space, and the only interaction between me and my […]

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Part 6 Using Interactivity

Tweet How then, to create an interactive experience that is also scripted? There are a couple of answers to that. Of all of the aspects of making a transmedia project, writing is the most flexible. The place where the audience is most likely to affect the story is in websites and in email responses. This […]

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Part 5 Interactivity

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Tweet Why transmedia? Why not watch a movie? Or read a book? Because video games have taught a whole generation that it is possible for the audience—in this case, the player—to interact with the story. The interaction is extensive in video games. Without it, there is no experience. But the story is also pretty limited. […]

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Part 4 Old Methods in New Bottles

Tweet Conventions are essential to transmedia work. Stories that have shapes familiar to the audience. The damsel in distress. The disappearing person. The murder mystery. Transmedia is also establishing conventions for itself. Many of the conventions of transmedia are borrowed. And many of them are rather old conventions that have fallen out of popular use. […]

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Part 3 A New Frontier in Storytelling

Tweet As I said in Part 1, because the artform takes stories and shatters them into pieces, it’s a lot easier for the audience to put the story back together if it’s a kind of story they recognize. If it’s, in other words, a conventional narrative. So, say, detective mysteries tend to make pretty decent […]

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Part 2 – Conventions

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Tweet Human beings construct narrative. It’s what we do. We impose meaning and cause and effect on events. We say, this happened and then because of or it, that happened. We do it even when it’s not true—which is how places like Vegas stay in business. If you’re flipping a coin, and it comes up […]

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Part 1 Constraints in Transmedia or On Being Short

Tweet (Maureen McHugh) This is part one of a six part post based on a talk I gave at Duke University. Check back on Wednesdays for subsequent posts. I write transmedia. Or crossmedia. Or ARGs. As transmedia/crossmedia/ARG producers, we take narratives and spread them in pieces across multiple platforms. We tell part of the story […]

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Storytelling and the Illusion of Authenticity

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Tweet It’s funny, but stories on the internet often evoke stronger emotions than stories on television and movies. That’s not to say movies and TV don’t make people feel. Field of Dreams probably made more men cry than all the funerals the year it was released. It’s my sense that people feel that interacting with […]

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