Mime Academy Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough of the Mime Academy Mini-Experience. Use it only if you get stuck. (UPDATED: 1/6/13)

  1. Start: Once you enter your information and click the Submit button, check your email inbox. Momentarily, you’ll find a message from Colette-Therese Fromage, the headmistress of the International Mime Academy. Clicking the link at the bottom of the email will take you to the International Mime Academy website.
  2. International Mime Academy website: Exploring the website, you’ll find information about the Academy, along with the history of mimes and information about the Director of the academy, the Master Mime. On the Contact Us page, you’ll find a phone number. Call it.
  3. Phone message: Here, you’ll hear a message from Colette-Therese Fromage. Suddenly, the message is interrupted by a plea from someone who Needs Your Help. A young mime student named Oswald tells you to find out more information at his website: A Terrible Thing To Waste. So, go to www.aterriblethingtowaste.com.
  4. A Terrible Thing To Waste blog: This is the blog of young Oswald, the fledgeling mime. It seems he’s excited about his new Instagram account.
  5. Instagram: This is the Instagram account for Oswald the Mime (remember the name). First thing you notice is Oswald’s description: I love photography, because you can silently convey a thought or message in 5 or 6 images. It seems there are clues in the first 5 or 6 photos. Looking at them, in order: 1) Look/search; 2) Four (for); 3) Me/Oswald the Mime; 4) On; 5) You; 6) Tube. Putting these together gives: Search for me/Oswald the Mime on YouTube. Going to YouTube and searching for Oswald the Mime or similar takes you to www.youtube.com/oswaldthemime, his YouTube channel, where there is a video message from Oswald, explaining his predicament and asking for your help.
  6. Video: In the video, Oswald tells you that he’s locked in a basement at the academy, and that there’s a specific lock keeping him from escaping: A Kryptonite Evolution 2000, and that if you can help him to email him at “oswald at my website.” So now, Google “Kryptonite Evolution 2000.
  7. Research: At the top of the search results, you’ll see a link to an actual Engadget article about this particular lock and how to open it. It seems that you can use a Bic pen to open the lock. Better get that information to Oswald! Email him at oswald at aterriblethingtowaste.com and tell him that he needs to specifically use a Bic pen to hack open the lock. If you don’t give him clear enough instructions, he’ll let you know.
  8. Success: If you’ve done everything right, you’ll have given Oswald all the info he needs to escape the evil Master Mime! You’ll know you’ve succeeded if you get a reply from Oswald thanking you for your help. Congratulations! But if you think that’s the end of the story, you’re in for a little surprise….

That’s it! If you enjoyed our quick example of the possibilities of transmedia entertainment, tell your friends.

But beware the Master Mime…

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  1. Sandra

    unlock with a ballpoint pen