Mime Academy Walkthrough

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Tweet This is a walkthrough of the Mime Academy Mini-Experience. Use it only if you get stuck. (UPDATED: 1/6/13) Start: Once you enter your information and click the Submit button, check your email inbox. Momentarily, you’ll find a message from Colette-Therese Fromage, the headmistress of the International Mime Academy. Clicking the link at the bottom of the […]

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Transmedia Panels at SXSW: Vote Now!

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Tweet Well, this is the obligatory SXSW Panel Picker Post. There are lots of great Transmedia/ARG panels up for voting this year (including three by NMM partners), and here are our favorites, for your consideration: FILM: Transmedia Production: Making the New Frontier – Behnam Karbassi (No Mimes Media) Documenting your Transmedia Project: The How and […]

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Niche or Mass Entertainment?

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Tweet I get on a fair number of airplanes. (I hate it. Carbon footprint the size of Rhode Island, and growing.) Most of the time, we all observe the etiquette of plane flight, which is that each person is enclosed in their own private bubble of space, and the only interaction between me and my […]

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USC/UCLA Transmedia Hollywood Panel

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Tweet Last month, Maureen and I were honored to be part of a day-long series of panels put on by USC and UCLA Film Schools called Transmedia Hollywood: S/Telling the Story. Now, videos of the entire day have become available. You can download our panel, ARG: This is Not a Game…. But is it Always […]

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The “New Internet,” and what it means for ARGs and Transmedia

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Tweet I was thinking recently about what life was like online for me before the advent of browsers and the World Wide Web. Now, I wasn’t a hardcore hacker geek or phone phreak back in the 90’s like some people, I was more your typical casual user, a layperson, I guess. My very first email […]

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Storytelling and the Illusion of Authenticity

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Tweet It’s funny, but stories on the internet often evoke stronger emotions than stories on television and movies. That’s not to say movies and TV don’t make people feel. Field of Dreams probably made more men cry than all the funerals the year it was released. It’s my sense that people feel that interacting with […]

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