Why Hollywood Needs More Experience Designers

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Tweet (Originally posted at Transmedia Coalition) It’s 2013, and Second Screen is all around us, touted as the Next Big Thing. All of the major broadcast networks seem to have some sort of second screen sync app now, by which you can get “extra” content on your smartphone or tablet while you’re watching your favorite […]

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What are “Connected Experiences?”

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Tweet (Originally posted at Transmedia Coalition) Movies are dead.  TV as we know it is dead.  Print is dead.  Or at least that’s what everyone in entertainment seems to think.  But we know the truth, right?  None of these media are truly dead.   They’re simply evolving yet again.  Back when VHS tapes went the way […]

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Transmedia Panels at SXSW: Vote Now!

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Tweet Well, this is the obligatory SXSW Panel Picker Post. There are lots of great Transmedia/ARG panels up for voting this year (including three by NMM partners), and here are our favorites, for your consideration: FILM: Transmedia Production: Making the New Frontier – Behnam Karbassi (No Mimes Media) Documenting your Transmedia Project: The How and […]

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Niche or Mass Entertainment?

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Tweet I get on a fair number of airplanes. (I hate it. Carbon footprint the size of Rhode Island, and growing.) Most of the time, we all observe the etiquette of plane flight, which is that each person is enclosed in their own private bubble of space, and the only interaction between me and my […]

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USC/UCLA Transmedia Hollywood Panel

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Tweet Last month, Maureen and I were honored to be part of a day-long series of panels put on by USC and UCLA Film Schools called Transmedia Hollywood: S/Telling the Story. Now, videos of the entire day have become available. You can download our panel, ARG: This is Not a Game…. But is it Always […]

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Part 2 – Conventions

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Tweet Human beings construct narrative. It’s what we do. We impose meaning and cause and effect on events. We say, this happened and then because of or it, that happened. We do it even when it’s not true—which is how places like Vegas stay in business. If you’re flipping a coin, and it comes up […]

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The “New Internet,” and what it means for ARGs and Transmedia

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Tweet I was thinking recently about what life was like online for me before the advent of browsers and the World Wide Web. Now, I wasn’t a hardcore hacker geek or phone phreak back in the 90’s like some people, I was more your typical casual user, a layperson, I guess. My very first email […]

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